Back in 1999, three filmmakers named Gilbert Adler, Robert Zemeckis, and Joel Silver kick-started a horror flick production company called Dark Castle Entertainment, its moniker an homage to the late, great schlock-producer William Castle. The company's first flick was House on Haunted Hill, which was a remake of Castle's 1959 chiller. The boys then served another remake (13 Ghosts), a waterlogged original (Ghost Ship), a dry asylum thriller (Gothika), and ... another remake (House of Wax). (Their next flick is a religiously-themed Hilary Swank chiller The Reaping.) And now comes word that the Dark Castle boys have grown weary of the remakes. Now they're making sequels to remakes!

Now, I'm not sure how many horror fans even remember House on Haunted Hill, but I'll give you a reminder: It opened with a pretty amusing elevator gag before shoving its cast (Geoffrey Rush, Taye Diggs, Famke Janssen, Peter Gallagher, Chris Kattan) into a fairly standard haunted house set-up.

So yeah: They're making a sequel to that flick, and according to the often-reliable folks over at, Dark Castle has hired first-timer Victor Garcia to helm Return to House on Haunted Hill. No cast announcements just yet, but production will get underway this August ... in Bulgaria.
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