Ok, you know thoserumors about Arnold Schwarzenegger returning for the latest Conan the Barbarian sequel? And how it's going to be called King Conan: Crown of Iron, and might be directed by the Wachowskibrothers? Well, the people at Warner Brothers are now talking on the record about the project, but the only mention of the above rumors in their release is a debunking of the Wachowski thing -- they're officially not involved (and neither, for that matter, is Robert Rodriguez, whose brief stint in the Conan-rumor spotlight we shamefully missed).

According to this morning's Variety, WB have hired long-time Conan fan Boaz Yakin (sure, he directed Remember the Titans, but he also wrote Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and that's what really matters) to write the screenplay for the apparently unnamed sequel, and the thought it is that he will direct, as well. The latest word on the movie is that it will actually mark a return to the way creator Robert E. Howard envisioned Conan in his 1930s stories, rather than a revival of the character Schwarzenegger made famous in the 1980s. Even though the plot is now apparently totally different than had been rumored, the release goal of late 2007 remains the same.

Since most of us know Conan entirely from the movies, it's be great to hear from any of you who are familiar with Howard's original character concept -- how different is he from Ahnold's musclebound beast?
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