So you thought that after buying that 8-disc mega-huge DVD set a few years back that you were done giving Freddy Krueger your DVD dollars? Well, HA to that, says New Line Cinema, who'll soon be offering us an all-new Infinifilm Edition of Wes Craven's original A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Boasting new documentaries, featurettes, and the cinematicus-interruptus goodness that is Infinifilm, the new-fangled Elm Street DVD will hit the shelves on September 26th. No word on the sequels just yet, but if sales are good, you just know you'll be forking out another 16 bucks when The Dream Child: Infinifilm shows up. Us horror fans are so damn loyal it makes the studio marketing brigades just drool out loud.

Also in New Line news, as Martha reported back in April, the Final Destination 3 DVD will allow you to jumble the movie up and watch it in whatever order you wish, a new feature that must just freakin' thrill the MPEG to no end.
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