The trades reported this morning that leather-faced, hitchhiking replicant Rutger Hauer is about to make his feature directorial debut with a film entitled Changing Fortunes, in which he'll also appear (but not necessarily star). The movie will tell the true-life story of Dutch banker Walraven van Hall who, during World War II, "created an ingenious funding scheme to support tens of thousands of people -- irrespective of race, creed or political leaning -- in Nazi-occupied Holland." (And then was discovered and shot to death by Nazis. Just in case you were hoping the movie wouldn't be incredibly depressing.)

According to Hauer, Changing Fortunes is not about the war, it just happens to be set during that time. Instead, the film's primary concern will be to explore "how an individual can truly change the world for the better, and [show] the sacrifices that a person is prepared to make to realize such a change." The film, a Dutch/UK/Belgian coproduction, has a budget of just over $11 million and will head into pre-production early next year.
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