For someone who just announced he'd like to become an independent filmmaker, Steven Spielberg has quite a few studio projects on his slate. And he has just been attached to one more. The popular director will make a science-fiction film for Paramount that is being described as, "in the vein of 2001: A Space Odyssey." The only plot revealed is that it will focus on space explorers who travel to another dimension through a wormhole. No script is written, but there is a treatment co-written by Caltech physicist Kip Thorne and producer Lynda Obst, and it is based on Thorne's theories of gravity fields. So all we know is the yet-to-be-titled film will have something to do with black holes, gravity waves and some of Einsteins relativity hypotheses. Sounds like another action-packed blockbuster!

Of course, Spielberg still has Indiana Jones 4 and a movie about Abraham Lincoln (with Liam Neeson as the President!) to shoot before he gets behind the camera for this nerdy-sounding film. So, hopefully by 2010 he will be able to start his indie films. Given his trademark of stories about distant fathers, I am hoping he kicks it off with one of those films where a twenty-something comes home and has to make amends with his dad.

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