Variety reported this morning that Indie production company Palm-Star Entertainment and the newly-created (I assume -- there's not a single google reference to the company) Red Bird Cinema will collaborate to bring a fictional version of Tony LaRussa to the big screen. Seriously, they really are. The companies have acquired the rights to Buzz Bissinger's surprise best-seller 3 Nights in August, which offers a detailed exploration of how the St. Louis Cardinal boss managed a crucial mid-summer series against the hated Chicago Cubs in 2003; Kevin Pollak is writing the screenplay.

If you're wondering who, exactly, decided this book would make a good fiction film (As a rabid Cardinal fan I'd see the thing, but who else would even care, outside of LaRussa's immediately family?), here's a clue: In addition to Pollak and John Loar, the other partner in Red Bird Cinema is one Tony LaRussa. Jeez. You don't think he wants to play himself, do you?
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