Do you remember what you thought the first time you got a look at the black Spider-Man outfit being called the Venom suit? My first impressions were something like "oh, that's a letdown. It just looks like a chromo-variant of the other costume. Where is my giant white spider?" The Venom costume, while primarily black, is a longtime standout in the Spider-Man universe and True Believers instantly recognize it. Superhero Hype has a brief comment on the movie costume, taken from a radio interview with Thomas Haden Church (Spider-Man 3's Sandman) when he appeared on the Opie and Anthony Show. Mostly he dodged questions and refused to give any real information about the movie due to claimed threats of physical violence, but he apparently did mention the Venom suit "looks a lot like it does in the comics." Hopefully Tom Church has seen some comics and knows what he is talking about, because I really want what he said to be true. So far the franchise has done a decent job of visually translating the comics to film, I imagine they'll keep it up.

EDIT: An alert Cinematical reader claims he heard the show and the Venom info is not accurate. "THC said SANDMAN had the classic comic book look, not Venom."  Thanks, Daniel H.!
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