Okay, I'll admit right up front -- there is far too much alliteration in the title of this post. It wasn't intentional, but once I realized it I found it amusing and so it stays. I promise to do my best to avoid such painful linguistic dalliances in the future. For now, let's move on to the actual reason for writing this post ...

In full discloser mode, I always admit my crazy fanboy love for The Fantastic Four. I openly acknowledge I have a bias towards the Four and said bias occasionally taints my opinions when it comes to writing about the movie versions of my beloved comic book title. The news of the day is the possible finalization of a script for Fantastic Four 2, according to producer Ralph Winter. Silly me, I thought a finalized script was in place, given that Jessica Alba keeps talking about it; but maybe she's just read an early draft. Winter said he has rejected two scripts already, but he expects a third one by the end of this week.

Normally when you hear of multiple-script writings, you think one of two things. One, the script must be crap if they keep rewriting it. Two, they must really be honing it down to an excellent, top-notch story. Truth be told, many scripts get rewritten several times, so it isn't an immediate danger sign. However, one does get nervous hearing of a train of rejected scripts. Let's just hope the Silver Surfer survives several scripts. Dang it, there went that alliteration again.
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