Hong Kong-based animation studio Imagi is getting aggressive. First, they nail down rights to the highly popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with ambitious plans to turn it into an edgy new CGI animated flick. Now we hear they have snatched up similar rights for popular Japanese manga-turned-'70s-anime property Gatchaman (sometimes called G-Force or Battle of the Planets here in the States). Like their plans for TMNT, Imagi plans to CGI a new version of the classic story with the same writer/director as TMNT, Kevin Munroe. The story plans on using the original five-member team taking on their popular nemesis Galactor.

I'm not a rabid anime watcher, but I do dabble. I know far more about it than your average American, but I'm certainly not up to the level of some of the true fanboys. The only incarnation I've seen Gatchaman in is the terribly edited, much hacked-apart Battle of the Planets ... and I enjoyed it even then. I've got a buddy who continually insists I should watch a more faithful translation or fansub, but I've just never found the time and desire. I do think if studios are going to get serious about making English-language movies based on anime/manga properties, this is probably a good place to start.
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