I think I've admitted before that I'm a sucker (pun seriously not intended, but just noticed with a groan) for vampires, particularly the ass-kicking, Blade variety. For that reason, their presence tends to get me interested in movies that will inevitably disappoint -- that said, however, I do have some hope for Sony's 30 Days of Night, a vamp flick with a vaguely creative premised. Based on a graphic novel from 2002, the movie is set during the month of permanent darkness experienced in Barrow, Alaska every winter (according to the story, anyway). Needless to say, all that darkness is a vampire-magnet, and the 30 days turns into a battle between thirsty vamps and the town's tiny population.

According to Variety, Josh Hartnett, fresh off his work as a cop in The Black Dahlia, is in talks to play another lawman, Barrow's sheriff. The sheriff (with his wife, who is also his deputy) is the leader of the fight against the vampires, so Hartnett's going to need to being a whole lot of sharp wooden sticks to Sony's party, assuming he takes the gig. The film will be directed by Hard Candy's suddenly hot David Slade; there's no word yet on a start date.

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