It's not a surprise to anyone, of course, but that "Oscar Winner" line on Philip Seymour Hoffman's business card is really working out for him. Why, just today, Variety has news that he's been cast in not one, but two high-profile new movies -- and one of them even has the Great Tom Hanks in it! I'm sure Hoffman's all a-flutter at the thought of sharing the screen with Forrest Gump himself.

The Hanks flick, AKA Charlie Wilson's War, also stars Julia Roberts and tells the true story of "a rogue congressman (Hanks) and CIA agent (Hoffman) who found the means to secretly arm rebels to fight against invading Soviet troops in Afghanistan in the early 1980s." With a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and the direction of Mike Nichols, it's heading into production this fall and is due out in far-off 2008, mostly likely during the Oscar-friendly end of the year. I can hear the ad copy now: "FOUR OSCAR WINNERS ... ONE INCREDIBLE STORY."

Before he starts protecting Afghanistan from the Commies, though, Hoffman intends to rob a jewelry store with his brother Ethan Hawke. Though he had previously been rumored to be co-staring in Sidney Lumet'sBefore the Devil Knows You're Dead, Hoffman has now officially put pen to paper, and will be joining Marisa Tomei (again with the Oscar winners) and Albert Finney in a story about a botched robbery that has major repercussions for the whole family of the thieves. This one stars filming next month, with an eye on a 2007 release date.
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