This continues to be a very, very strange association in my mind. Jack Black is a funny man, and I actually enjoy him as an actor. The Green Lantern is a great super hero, and there's a giant poster of golden age Green Lantern gracing the wall of my study. So to sum of these brief thoughts: I like Jack Black. I like the Green Lantern. So why am I so afraid of the two of them joined together? The best explanation I can think of is another example. I love dill pickles. I also love death by chocolate ice cream. Under no circumstances would I ever want my dbc served with dill pickle topping. Two delightful experiences, but delightful for separate reasons which do not easily overlap.

And yet, Jack Black persists in being interested in a Green Lantern movie project. He was recently giving a radio interview, and mentioned that he'd still like to earn the project a green light (green light for Green Lantern, oh I'm SO clever I should write headlines for the NY Times). According to Superhero Hype, Black is still trying to get a developed script and apparently still has at least some interest maintained over at Warner Brothers. My hope for seeing a GL movie is confused and tainted by my fear of Jack Black being involved. What to do, what to do?
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