In this delicate era when entertainment in America is bogged by indecency concerns, political correctness and discussions of "how soon is too soon", it isn't surprising that a foreign comedy has bettered us in being more amusing, more respectful and more insightful about the touchy subjects of war, terrorism and racism.  Only Human is above all an innocent farce detailing your typical fiancée-meets-parents setup, but it uses the conventional plot for more than just a spotlight on wacky family members and screwball situations, serving also as a simple statement about some absurd perspectives on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The engaged couple in this Spanish-UK co-production is a pairing of a Jewish woman and her Palestinian beau, which undeniably takes on allegorical significance, yet doesn't lend itself to any overt political deliberation. Instead it deals with the conflict through an outsider's point of view, concerning itself with problems of generalized and accepted perceptions rather than deep, involved interests.

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