Rarely do I ever find the occasion to praise Sandra Bullock. It's not that I don't like her, I simply am not compelled by anything she has ever appeared in to the best of my recollection. A glance down her IMDb page reveals a collection of movies which are well-loved, but mostly by people who are not me. Nonetheless, today I find myself a firm supporter of Sandra Bullock as she slaps down Keanu Reeves during a Lake House(a film in which Bullock and Reeves co-star) press conference. When the possibility of a sequel to comic book film Constantinewas brought up, Bullock loudly declared "No, no to sequels! Don't do Constantine 2." She then went on to good naturedly criticize Reeves for never warning her to avoid Speed 2, a sequel Reeves himself backed away from.

Reeves himself hemmed and hawed around sequel news, calling the reasons for a lack of sequel thus far a "long story," adding "we have to figure it out," and "I don't know." Not really a firm and convincing stance there, and that's quite alright with me. Listen to your friend Sandra, Reeves. She knows whereof she speaks.
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