Is there really anything clever left to observe about Snakes on a Plane? It's unique existence of a cultural phenomenon (likely the only film to be a hit cult-classic before it was released) has been studied and commented on by far better minds than my own. At this point, I really feel it is simply best to sit back and enjoy it for what it is. We can watch it all unfold before us and when it is all finished playing out, we can start the second round of observations. In the meantime, we can tide ourselves over by reading Snakes on a Plane: The Comic Book. Yes, the comic book.

Snakes on a Blog
(yeah, it exists) has shared the details of a forthcoming comic book based on the story of the upcoming Samuel L. Jackson vehicle Snakes on a Plane. It will be comprised of a two issue set (each with two unique covers), written by Chuck Dixon. They'll weigh in around 32 pages each and will retail for three bucks. You can nab the first one on August 16, and the second on August 30 -- mature readers only!
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