We've reported a couple of times on the slow and steady casting process for Columbia's Vantage Point, a thriller that examines an attempted presidential assassination from multiple perspectives, ala Rashomon. So far, the cast consists of President William Hurt, as well as Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox and Forest Whitaker as people who, well, aren't president. According to the trades, though, the movie is no longer a boys' club: Sigourney Weaver is on the scene, apparently hired to reprise her "ambitious woman who is a raging bitch" role from Working Girl. The Hollywood Reporter revealed this morning that Weaver will play "a TV news producer for a CNN-type network who will do anything to get the story."

Even though the movie has yet to get off the ground -- it stars shooting next week -- thanks to our readers (who know more than anyone else on earth), we've already heard a couple of impressions of the movie, based on various drafts of his script: Either it's boring boring boring, or reasonably well-written, with a perfectly-cast Quaid. Anyone else with script access care to weigh in?
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