In an interview with MTV (which must be a very happy place -- virtually ever single quote in the story is followed by "he grinned" or "he laughed") recently,  Kevin Spacey tried to set the record straight about his upcoming projects. He confirmed that he will indeed be appearing in Joe Claus (Erik told us about that back in May), and also offered some much-needed details about his character in the movie. According to Spacey, he'll be playing "an efficiency expert who comes up to the North Pole and might farm out the work to another country." Oh hell yes. I was already excited about this (How could a movie from the Wedding Crashers team about Santa's deadbeat brother not be funny?), but it's just sounding better and better.

In addition to bothering Santa, Spacey told MTV that he's going to star in 21, the based-on-a-true-story Vegas flick that he is also producing. Since the movie is about a group of college students who count cards well enough to make massive piles of money, it's a little unclear who exactly Spacey will play, but if he says he's starring, who are we to argue? Oh, and you know how he recently joined the masses in Wong Kar-Wai'sMy Blueberry Nights? Well nevermind. Spacey says he's not doing it, and proceeded to viciously ridicule the film's title. (Ok, I made up that last bit, but he really isn't involved in the film.)

[via Hollywood Wiretap]
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