The Austin horror/science-fiction/fantasy film festival Fantastic Fest is gearing up to be even bigger than last year, when the event made its debut. The festival is expanding from a long weekend to a full week in late September, and recently announced its first batch of confirmed titles.

Fantastic Fest has scored some U.S. premieres, including the German horror film Blood Trails, UK horror films Broken and Lie Still, and the comedy Gamerz. I am particularly pleased to see that the festival will bring the Quay brothers' The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes (pictured at right) to Austin. Other titles of interest include the horror film Inside, an Estonian animated feature called Frank & Wendy, and the Canadian documentary Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream. More titles will be announced on July 15; I can't wait to hear what other goodies the festival programmers have procured. Fantastic Fest is still accepting short and feature submissions through July 15, if you're a filmmaker in one of the festival's target genres.

[via AICN]
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