Y'know, for all the flak we toss at Dr. Uwe Boll, we should thank the guy for at least one thing: Every time he opens his mouth or announces a new movie, we get to have a whole lot of fun with the information. At this point, the guy probably gets more Google hits than Tom Cruise, and that always trickles down to extra traffic for the flick blogs. Fun!

Anyway, you know how Bollboy's most recent flicks (House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, and the upcoming and inevitably hilarious Dungeon Siege) are all based on video games? Well get this: His next movie ... isn't! I know, it's crazy! An actual horror movie that's not based on anything related to Xbox, Playstation, or VIC-20! Simply astounding.

Apparently production has already began on Uwe Boll's Seed (ew), and here's the scoop: It's about a convict who refuses to be killed in the electric chair and then gets buried alive, only to climb out of the grave and wreak wet, sloppy revenge on all those who wronged him. And here's the coolest part: According to Boll's weekly press release, Seedwill offer a "reign of violence that will redefine the boundaries of extreme gore, physical and mental torture explored through cinema."

Yowch. Sounds like someone's playing Seed/Saw.
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