Though no one seems to have really noticed on this side of the pond, French actress (and, if you can believe it, Oscar nominee -- for her work on the Before Sunset screenplay) Julie Delpy made her debut as a director way back in 2002. Looking for Jimmy, which she also wrote, edited, starred in and produced, was shot on DV in 24 hours in Los Angeles, and cost about $3000 to make. Her return to the director's chair, however, looks to be a much more sophisticated affair.

Entitled Two Days and set in Paris, the film stars Delpy, Adam Goldberg (who showed up on My Name is Earl the other night) and German actor Daniel Brühl. The movie is described as a romantic comedy in which Delpy and Goldberg, who play a couple, spend a few days in Paris, the hometown of Delpy's character. While there, "Goldberg's character 'meets some of his partner's ex-lovers and has the impression she's slept with half of Paris.'" Among other things, one hopes.

The film just went into production in Paris and will shoot for a month; Delpy hopes to have it finished in time for a debut at either Sundance or Berlin in 2007.
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