On Wednesday, Martha let you in on a rumor circulating around about a possible new film version of Gypsyfilm from The Weinstein Company, which would star Catherine-Zeta Jones. Well, it turns out that Gossip Queen Liz Smith was talking about the Weinstein conception of the film ... which is but a dream of Harvey Weinstein's, nothing more. After the Post published her "announcement", Smith received a phone call from Arthur Laurents, who wrote the book for the musical, and he stated that Weinstein, "doesn't own the rights." In her column Friday, Smith made the correction, while still stating that, "I didn't say he had the rights. Just that he has a dream of producing a Gypsy movie, with Rob Marshall at the helm. And he does have such a dream."

Well, conveniently for Smith, I can't seem to pull up the original Post printing of her statements, but thanks to ComingSoon.net, which quoted her word for word, I can tell that she neither said that Weinstein has the rights nor that it is just a dream. She actually said, "Now the rumor is out and hot that the Weinstein Company is close on the heels of director Rob Marshall for a movie version of the show about the evolution of that famous stripper - Gypsy Rose Lee - and her infamous stage mother, Rose." From there, I don't know how Zeta-Jones became part of the mix, except that she has mentioned interest in playing Rose a few years ago, though she was talking about a Broadway revival then.  

Anyway, the film could still be a possibility in the future, if Weinstein does decide to buy the rights. For someone with as much power as Harvey Weinstein, dreams do come true.

[via Playbill]

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