Back in May, 2004, it was announced at Cannes that Marlon Brando was ready to make his return to the big screen in a film entitled Brando and Brando, scheduled to begin shooting that summer. The film was going to be directed by Tunisian helmer Ridha Behi, who was set to make his English-language debut with the project, working from a script that he reworked with Brando himself. The problem, of course, is that Brando died that July, and the film, which was to tell the story of "a young man from Tunisia obsessed by US culture in general and by Marlon Brando [who he closely resembles] in particular" who travels to the US and meets his idol, fell apart.

Now, though, according to a wonderfully in-depth piece (among the details on offer: A lawyer offered to introduce Behi to Brando for a fee of $110,000; once the actor got involved, he wanted to contact Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn about playing roles in the film) in The Independent, the project is back, albeit with a new title (Citizen Brando) and a somewhat different screenplay. The story still revolves around a Tunisian who's a dead ringer for Brando, and involves a film crew -- led by Christopher Walken -- trying to make a movie about Atlantis, as well as Behi's own struggles to get his own film made. If he can get authorization from the Brando estate, Behi plans to include his audio recordings of Brando as well as old footage of the actor in the film. All these disparate plots, Behi says, come together in a film whose main theme is "the corruption of an innocent;" though he's determined to get the film made, there's no way to guess when it will even go into production. (To start with he's got to find another Brando look-alike -- the one from 2004 has apparently lost all his hair and gotten fat over the past two years. As if the project didn't have enough problems.)

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