Odds and ends from Friday/Saturday:

  • Make-up maven Stan Winston and his production company are now gearing up for their latest: Producing the horror mystery The Deaths of Ian. Pic, which will star Mike Vogel and be directed by Dario Di Piana, has a sort of Groundhog Day feel to it. Well, that's if you replace the silliness of Bill Murray with the scariness of Stan Winston, of course. Story will tell of an all American guy who is murdered, only to wake up again and find that, with each new day, comes a new kind of death.
  • Now that the Dane Cook laffer Good Luck Chuck is finally on its way into production courtesy of Lionsgate, Variety reports that Jessica Alba has snagged the lead female role and will star opposite everyone's favorite comedian. Dane Cook and Jessica Alba? In love? Seems like the perfect match -- ya know, if either of them were actually good at acting. Pic will revolve around a serial dater who feels comfortable in the role of next-to-last-boyfriend-before-soulmate. However, when he actually falls in love with one of the girls (Alba), he must do everything to keep her from leaving him for a future husband.
  • Since it's the weekend, I figured I would end things off with a funny, yet awfully moronic clip from YouTube. In it, some amateur actors dress up as some of your favorite superheroes to re-create the famous homo-erotic volleyball scene from Top Gun. Seeing as everyone has been obsessed with the notion that Superman may or may not be gay as of late, why not take the topic to a new level and really have fun with it? Enjoy the weekend folks!
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