Ok, this is sort of awesome. In addition to his inexplicably wonderful weather reports, David Lynch is also now offering desktop wallpaper (yawn) and ringtones to fans for a small fee. (Hey, if you love him enough, you'll pay $3.99 for a ringtone and like it. Quit yer bitchin.) I don't know about you, but the chance to have David Lynch say "Holy jumpin' George!" when someone calls me is almost enough to make me take the plunge, and I'm no more than a casual fan of the man. If that doesn't float your boat, how about "My teeth are biting!", repeated over and over again in an unhinged-sound falsetto? Or, If you like a little low-level obscenity with your phone calls, there's always the pissed-off Lynch saying "What the hell? Damn! What the hell?" Yeah, you know you want it. There are more options at the website, but I warn you -- go and you'll be trapped. Even if you don't buy, it's hard to stop clicking.

[via Movie City Indie]
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