Movie studios love the sequel. If they can find any good excuse for churning out a part two, you can bet they will. Frequently, we see the box office returns fall off when studios go back to the well, but sometimes they hit a success and begin dreaming of a trilogy. For whatever reason, three is a nice, round number for film installments to come in. After three one generally finds the franchise dying out for any number of reasons -- audience fatigue, ballooning budgets, actors tired of playing the same characters, etc. But every great now and then, a film franchise takes off and we get an entire chain of movies. Harry Potter has done it very successfully, and Narniais certainly making a push to be the next. And now it seems as though Johnny Depp would like to add Pirates of the Caribbeanto the club. Depp was very emphatic about it, as a matter of fact, saying "[Jack Sparrow is] a blast to play, I'll be in a deep, dark depression saying goodbye to him ... Maybe 'Pirates 4, 5 and 6'. If they had a good script, why not? I mean, at a certain point, the madness must stop, but for the moment, I can't say that he's done."

Honestly, the only thing that could slow Depp down would be audience fatigue ... and I'm not sure I see that happening. Perhaps the movie-going public will have had enough of Captain Jack after two more summers of Pirates, but I suspect we'll all be saying the same thing as Depp; why does it have to stop now? It's not like the high seas lack for entertaining popcorn-action story lines, after all.
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