Listen up, Joy Division fans. You know Torn Apart: The Life Of Ian Curtis, Mick Middles and Lindsay Reade's biography of your hero? Well, the long-rumored movie based on that book is finally, officially happening. Coming from a screenplay by Tom Browne, the film -- entitled All The Time -- will focus on "Curtis' early efforts to launch Joy Division while holding down a government job" while also exploring "his life, his work, his relationships and the cultural environment in which he lived and died." Whoa. If it actually covers all that, this is going to be a long damn movie.

Though no casting decisions have yet been made, the movie is in interesting hands: Music video director Jamie Thraves -- who will be making his first feature in six years -- is at the helm. Thraves, who directed the videos for Radiohead's Just (the one with the guy lying on the sidewalk) and Blur's Charmless Man (though performance-based, this one still has quite a nasty edge to its narrative), is clearly both a skilled filmmaker and someone who is in touch with British music (or at least was in 2000).

The film will shoot in Manchester, but the start date has not yet been determined.
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