Pamela Anderson is stripping, and this time it's for charity! To help promote PETA, the Baywatch star has agreed to pose naked in Stella McCartney's London shop window. I have full confidence in Anderson's ability to flaunt her "anti-fur" position, but I'm not so sure how this stunt will translate into the better treatment of animals.  Believe it or not, it isn't fifteen year old boys who are driving the demand for mink gilets (although there was that one episode of Growing up Gotti where Carmine buys a fur coat). The only conceivable effect Pam's performance will have on the moneyed grannies of Britain is if her indecency drives them to swath her in their fox wraps -- and how adorable would a well placed paw pasty look?   

Keanu Reeves doesn't like computers. The Lake House star prefers to send his friends hand written letters instead of typing up a few quick e-mails. This revelation came just in time for the promotion of his new movie about a man who leaves love notes for a woman living in another time period. And just last month Keanu voiced his distaste for police states while promoting A Scanner Darkly, a movie about the evils of police states. I'm just going to go ahead and assume that Keanu's favorite type of time travel happens in a phone booth, he wishes all FBI agents could surf and thinks that long, black, creepy cape-coats are excellent! 

Kate Beckinsale is no floozy! The British star, who is set to release her new comedy Click co-starring Adam Sandler, said that she was surprised and hurt by the tabloid reaction to her marriage to Underworld director, Len Wiseman, after she split with her long-time boyfriend Michael Sheen. Beckinsale insists that she is quite conservative and wondered whether "you can find another actress in this town who's slept with only two people in a decade."  On that note, I would like to nominate Marie Osmond and the old lady from Titanic as two possible contenders. 

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