There's an incredibly creepy video up over at AICN detailing how the tech wizards at Rhythm & Hues took footage Richard Donner shot of Marlon Brando for the original Superman in 1978, and manipulated it to fit Bryan Singer's nefarious, Superman Returns-related needs. Since the technical explanation of adjusting Brando's mouth so that he seems to be saying the right words (In this case, those words are "You do not remember me." Which, I warn you, you will never get out of your head if you go watch the video.) are a bit beyond me, I spend most of the time mesmerized by the floating Brando head, and the shockingly white hair that I never before realized was so funny. It's also just unsettling to look at the tiny movements of lips for that long -- anything gets gross when examined that carefully, from such close range.

My now-precarious mental state aside, however, the clip is fascinating, and gives us an idea of how incredibly hard it really is to do this sort of image manipulation when you're looking for a realistic result.
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