This morning's Hollywood Reporter reported (as you can tell by the name, they do that from time to time) that Disney has picked up a "family comedy" called Mother of Invention, about a mother who is also a spy. The script was written by Joe D'Ambrosia and Tom Teves, and will tell the story of a "thirtysomething single mom faced with providing for her family who, after taking a temp job, becomes a self-taught 'white hat hacker,' parlaying her gig into a successful business in corporate espionage." As her spy skills improve, the mom finds herself very in-demand in the spy world, and she even teams up with the big-spy-cheeses at the CIA. The problem, however, is that as she becomes a super-spy, "her rising success begins to cause rifts between her and her family." Sigh. So, depending on the kind of Disney film this is going to be, she'll either see the light and give up her career for the good of her family, or the entire fam will join her in the spy biz.

The odd thing about this story, though, is that D'Ambrosia and Teves claim to have come up with the idea when they met a mom/spy AT A PARTY. Um, what?! It's not the meeting-a-spy-at-a-party thing that I doubt, I'm just a troubled by the fact that this super-star spy went up to two dudes at a party and said "Hey, fellas. What's up? I'm a spy! And a soccer mom! Isn't that rich?" Though the woman supposedly told the writing team that she will retire before the movie comes out, I'm thinking that by "retire" she means "be fired for being the Worst Spy Ever."
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