Did you know that David Smart, the guy who founded GQ and Esquire, had a Howard Hughes-style germ phobia? Yeah, neither did I. I also had no idea that Smart founded those magazines, and am sort of at a loss as to why anyone would care. Josh Lucas and Bruce Nash care, though, and they're banking on the fact that millions of other will, too, because the two of them are producing Smart, a movie about the fellow.

According to an article in this morning's Variety (the headline of which is "Nash, Bridges get 'Smart'" -- who doesn't love a Don Johnson reference with their coffee?), Lucas' just-founded 2 Bridges Prods. will team with Nash Entertainment to produce the film, in which Lucas will play a supporting role (the role of Smart has yet not be cast). The screenplay for Smart was written by Charlie Peters (of, erm, Krippendorf's Tribe and Her Alibi fame), and is expected to detail the life of a man "whose life was almost entirely consumed by his germ phobia ... Meanwhile, he led an unorthodox personal life and was known for his womanizing and affinity for shirtless photos of himself." Now, I like phobias as much as the next girl, but how many times can you watch a guy bathe after sex? There must be something else going on in the movie, though, because Lucas' character is described as "a fictional FBI investigator who infiltrates Smart's world," and you know the FBI doesn't usually check out people who use excessive amounts of soap.
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