Odds and ends from Monday:

  • Just the other day, I told you about make-up man Stan Winston's new project titled The Deaths of Ian, in which a guy gets murdered, only to wake up and find himself dying a different way each day. Well, now apply that idea to Valentine's Day, add a woman to the mix and cut out all the death. Dreamworks has just picked up a romantic comedy pitch from Don Handfield which centers around a couple who must keep re-living Valentine's Day until they "get it right." Handfield, who also goes by the nickname "Groundhog Day rip-off man" sold the pitch for low to mid-six figures.
  • Just when you thought he was taking a year off and settling down with a more independent main course, Steven Spielberg is reportedly taking on directing duties for the film World of Warcraft, based off the popular video game. (Now, before you cut my throat over the use of the words 'video game', I'll just do what Mark did and call it a MMORPG. There. Happy now? Can you tell I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to this stuff?) Spielberg adapting a video game? Something doesn't feel right about this. If true, this would mark his fourth planned project, following Indiana Jones 4, some Abraham Lincoln thing and some Kip Thorne-inspired sci-fi thing. (Note: JoBlo says their source here is Variety, though I couldn't find the story anywhere. Hmm, perhaps they're still riding high off that Wonder Woman joke. C'mon boys -- own up.)

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Jonathon at JoBlo very nicely let us know that this whole Spielberg-directing Warcraft thing was a hoax. Thanks for letting us know, Jonathon!)

  • After the good folks at Netflix turned down an idea in which they literally had representatives come to your house, decide which movie you should watch, go out and get said movie, put it in your DVD player, push play and control the remote for you, they've instead decide they want to release a set-top box that does the exact same thing. The whole idea is for you to be able to download movies overnight without ever having to do anything except push a button, and the service could launch as soon as later this year. Next up from Netflix: Toilet in a couch. Look it for it sometime in 2008 -- I guarantee it.