In what was probably the easiest decision since ... crap, my stupid cliche creator failed me ... since somebody decided something really easy, Sin Cityrecieved a fistful of Key Arts Awards during the 35th annual running of The Hollywood Reporter's awards night honoring excellence in film advertising. I imagine the conversation went something like this:

Bigwig #1: So, uh, guys ... what have we got in the way of awesome, artsy movie trailers?
Bigwig #2: Well ...
Sin City. I mean ... c'mon ... it's Sin City. Did you see any of it at all? Am I right?
*Pause With Much Nodding*
Bigwig #1: Right. So ... bowling anyone?

In the end, Sin City came away with four awards: Best action adventure trailer, teaser trailer and home entertainment consumer audio-visual, as well as special recognition for character banners designed for the film. I'm not even entirely sure what that last one means -- in fact, I'm not sure the judges know either. They probably just figured they'd toss it at Sin City, since the movie was already bringing home a bundle.