Look up in the sky -- it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a hurricane of Superman Returns news heading our way. With only a few days before the Man of Steel returns to the big screen, part of me is expecting the New York Daily News to suddenly change and become the New York Daily Planet. Stranger things have happened.

In today's L.A. Times, Bryan Singer talked a little bit about the 3-D version of his film, which will show on IMAX screens once the movie is released. As you already know, the director has transformed 20 minutes of footage into 3-D, with help from the Imax Corp. tech team, by adding digital "shadows" that make it seem as if we're flying with Superman, even though our fat asses are actually in seats, munching on popcorn.

While most of you probably don't care much about the technical side of it all, you might be interested to learn that Singer is thinking about adding a scene to the IMAX version of the movie. Now, the article does not say whether or not this scene is already in the film (if you've seen it, perhaps you can let us know), but he does say that it's from the beginning of the movie and shows Superman hanging out amongst the ruins of planet Krypton. Either way, I'm game.

According to the article, early audiences are digging the 3-D version, but were also a bit put off by some blurring effects that pop up when the action crosses the screen at super-speed. I'm curious: How many of you will go see the IMAX version over the regular one? Who will see both? And who won't bother with the film at all?

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