What would a day be without an update on Michael Bay's upcoming 80s nostalgia remake The Transformers? It wouldn't be a day at Cinematical, that's for sure. Despite some worrisome issues, I continue to hope for the best and (of course) continue to report anything interesting I hear about the subject. Here's what we are hearing about the flick today:
  • Soundtrack.net got to see Steve Jablonsky conducting the 59-piece orchestra which performed the music for the upcoming Transformers teaser trailer. Jablonsky told them that the melody used for the trailer will likely not be the main theme of the flick, but it will certainly feature into the score writing, which should happen early next year. If you swing on by the site, you can catch a hint of the synth music.
  • IGN Filmforce has apparently confirmed the much suspected rumor of the Transformers trailer debuting before hopeful summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. This of course means the vast majority of the world's population will be getting a look at Transformers in the very near future. I, for one, am excited for both the trailer and the film which will follow it. Don't you just love summer movie going season?
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