For the movie score aficionados among us, this is a good piece of news indeed. Rhino Records has released the entire Superman Returns soundtrack for your listening pleasure prior to the Man of Steel's cinematic return. The score was composed by comic book regular John Ottman (based on many of the classic themes John Williams wrote for the 1978 film), and performed by a full 97-piece orchestra directed by Damon Intrabartolo. You can check out the download links here, via Superhero Hype. If you want to pay cash and get a copy for yourself, you can find it on Rhino's homepage.

I'm a fan of Ottman, personally, but I can't say I'm really interested in shelling out to own a soundtrack to a superhero movie. I'm not an aficionado, and rarely do I feel the need to purchase them for my own listening pleasure. From time to time I'll drop a few bills on some John Williams, but that probably represents the full extend of my movie soundtrack purchasing. No wait, I take that back ... I do possess the soundtrack to A Mighty Wind. That said, it is very nice to be able to catch a quick (or long, if you prefer) preview of what we'll hear on Superman Returns. It's a nice gesture, anyway.
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