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Love 'Star Wars,' comic books and guys named Tommy? Then you have a lot in common with Natalie Portman. OK, so maybe I made the Tommy part up. Regardless, Portman does seem to have a soft spot for geeky fanboy types. Exhibits A and B: She's already appeared in three 'Star Wars' flicks and the film version of the 'V for Vendetta' comic. And now, fanboys (and Seth Cohen of 'The O.C.') may have yet another reason to wave their toy light sabers in appreciation of Portman's generosity. According to author Michael Chabon's official site, Natalie is a "strong likelihood" for the part of Rosa in the big-screen adaptation of 'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.' Penned by Chabon and set in WWII-era New York, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel centers around two cousins (the titular Kavalier and Clay) who create a Nazi-battling comic-book hero named the Escapist. The character of Rosa becomes a source of inspiration -- and emotional turmoil -- for both men.

'Kavalier and Clay' has long been in development over at Paramount, with Stephen Daldry, the acclaimed director of 'Billy Elliot' and 'The Hours,' attached to helm. Not until recently, however, has the project entered the pre-production state. The delay most likely can be attributed to the fact that the sprawling epic of a tale (the novel is 656 pages and spans almost two decades) needed to be whittled down to a more manageable size. Hopefully, Natalie's interest in the role will help grease the wheels. In the meantime, get ready to be wowed -- nay, awed -- by 'Superman Returns.' More on that later ...

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