This is a wacky one, but it's kinda fun. I'll stipulate up front that I'm only a mild Trekkie -- I dig the series but I'm unfortunately not a fanboy. Real fans, feel free to share your opinions on this one, I'm really anxious to hear what you've got to say. Here's the scoop: In 2004 there was much ballyhoo and rumor about a possible Trek film sequel, from producers J. Michael Straczynski and Bryce Zabel. Obviously, the sucker never got the green light, but for whatever reason the two have decided to share their dead-in-the-water concept with us now, to let us know what might have been.

Straczynski and Zabel wanted to approach the Trek world with what I've taken to calling the "reset button" approach. That's right, the duo wanted to re-imagine the whole universe. They'd take the Big Three (McCoy, Spock and Kirk) and put them in a "Universe B," telling their story as it might have been in a slightly different parallel world. The primary mission of the Enterprise was to be a quest to discover knowledge about an ancient life-form that "had a hand in creating the numerous species throughout the universe." Zabel summed up the plans by saying: "We wanted to do what they do in the world of comics, create a separate universe so we could embrace the good stuff, banish the bad, and try some new things. We wanted to use Kirk, Spock and McCoy, but show them off as you'd never seen them before."
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