Personally, I'd have thought Joss Whedon and Brian Michael Bendis in the same room, having a conversation would have caused the world to explode in a blazing ball of geek power. Since the world remains intact, I suppose I was incorrect in that assumption. The talk did, however, did result in a good update on Whedon's progress with Wonder Woman, which all things considered is probably a better result by far. So here's the deal on Whedon and his newest project:

It's "going well" and he is "loving life," but is having "enormous trouble" with the script, and has basically locked himself in his office in an attempt to finish it up. The second draft is nearly complete, and Whedon is very happy with it despite his crazy struggles. He is apparently extremely envious of Batman Begins, because Batman has all the cool stuff already built in -- he's got a great back story, a sweet rogues gallery, etc. Yes, it sounds a bit whiny, but given the context of the interview I think he was just trying to be silly. Also, no decisions have been made yet on casting, because they're waiting for a finalized script, which means the Wonder Woman rumor mill can continue unabated for at least a few more days. Last minute suggestions, anyone?
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