It's funny, there's a weird little thing that goes on when it comes to a Woody Allen film. Fans of the filmmaker often seem to be in agreement that Allen (now in his 100's) is best suited behind the camera, instead of in front of it. Following the success of Match Point, a film that remained Allen-less throughout, you'd think they might be right.

However, there are also those that feel a Woody Allen film is not a Woody Allen film unless, well, Woody Allen himself makes an appearance. I feel Match Point did so well because, unlike Celebrity, Allen wrote a main character without throwing in a slew of his own neurotic nonsense. Then again, it's those same neuroses that make a Woody Allen film, well, yeah -- a Woody Allen film.

Where am I going with all this? Well, there's now word that, for the first time since 2000's Picking up the Pieces, Allen may be starring in a film without directing it.  According to an interview with The Lake House director Alejandro Agresti, he's currently in negotiations with Allen and Christopher Plummer to have them both star in his next film, based on Agresti's own novel, The Scent of Books. Story revolves around two aging novelists who receive an inheritance of 20,000 rare, first edition books from their mentor. If he accepts the part, Allen might team up once again with Jason Biggs (Anything Else), as Biggs and Cillian Murphy are both in talks to star as younger versions of the two novelists. Is it even possible for Woody to not play Woody? Personally, I did not see Pieces and forget whether or not I liked Scenes from a Mall (seeing as Bette Midler was in it, I'm thinking not), so I won't complain ... yet. Though I am skeptical.

[via JoBlo]

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