I swear, the best thing anyone ever did in the history of doing cool things has to be placing Rob Zombie in charge of the next Halloween film. Regardless of how well-known the dude is as a director, it certainly raises the bar when it comes to future sequels in the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises. Halloween has a cult following. Rob Zombie has a cult following. Okay, so even though we may be talking about the same following, the franchise needed a kick in the ass. And if anyone can do it, Zombie can.

Not for nothing, but I hope they talk Jamie Lee Curtis into returning, if only to kill her off in the first scene. Now that would rock! Zombie was recently interviewed over on HalloweenMovies.com and shed a little more light on his plans for the film. First off, according to the man himself, the flick will simply be called Halloween. As far as the whole remake/prequel thing, Rob claims that, while it's a little bit of both, he will not be using anything from John Carpenter's original. Thank God.

The film will begin in 1978 and he will mix in characters from the previous films, as well as new ones, though he would not elaborate further. Seeing as Zombie likes the gore, the question was raised on whether or not this Halloween would focus more on the gore or the suspense. I was happy to read the director, instead, plans to focus on character, mood and terror. Oh, and Michael Myers will be donning the classic mask in his return.

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