One of the more underrated and overlooked sci-fi/horror flicks in semi-recent memory is Christian Duguay's Screamers, which debuted in 1995, featured Peter Weller in the lead role, and pretty much vanished without a trace. But you know what fate awaits any half-decent sci-fi flick after it dies a valiant box-office death: Cult Status! Entirely true: Screamers, which (like most good science fiction films) is based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, is about a planet jam-packed with homicidal robot creatures -- and the gang of unfortunate soldiers who happen to be stuck there.

So, and I'm sure you can see the punch-line coming: Someone's about to mount a sequel to Screamers, only we're not yet sure who or when or ... why. From the wonderful geeks at Twitch we get this rather vague promise: "The original writer and producers of the 90's sci-fi horror flick "Screamers" (and strangely one of my favorite sci-fi movies of the era, right behind "Hardware") are coming back for a sequel. That's an exxxxxxxxxxxxxclusive scoop."

Wow, some love for Screamers AND Hardware! Someone out there really digs their sci-fi semi-obscura.
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