Kate Beckinsale

This Friday, the lovely Kate Beckinsale hits the big screen in the new Adam Sandler comedy 'Click.' In the film, Beckinsale plays the wife of a workaholic architect (Sandler) who comes into possession of a magical universal remote that allows him to control the people and events around him. For instance, Sandler can pause time in order to fart in his boss' (David Hasselhoff) face or kick Speedo-wearing swim instructor Sean Astin in the junk. He can also fast-forward through unpleasant things, such as being sick or working late or having sex with Kate. Yep, you read that correctly: The idiot actually finds foreplay with Beckinsale to be a nuisance. Well, I feel differently. In honor of Kate's beauty and charm, I present three reasons to never fast-forward through a minute of Beckinsale.

1) Kate looks quite nimble in in 'Underworld,''Underworld: Evolution' and 'Van Helsing.' If the fast-forwarding ticks her off, chances are she could kick your ass.

2) In 'Serendipity,'John Cusack didn't hold onto Kate, and it took him 10 years to find her again. No man should have to deal with such loss.

3) If you're watching 'Pearl Harbor' and Beckinsale is on screen but Ben Affleck is not, fast-forwarding brings you one minute closer to more Affleck.

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