If I had to list the upcoming Marvel movies in the order in which I'm anticipating them, Iron Man would be very near the top of the list. It'd probably be beat out only by Fantastic Four 2, and we all know that's only due to my crazy Fantastic Four addiction. Anyway, Iron Man is leading the charge for the new line of movies coming from the Marvel war chest, and thus information regarding the flick is slowly starting to surface. It helps that director Jon Favreau is doing his best to be open and up-front with the fan base, knowing full well their approval will go a long way towards making his film a success. Iron Man is a big title, and nobody wants to be the guy who ruins the film. Seeing as how it has been a week or two since we last heard from Fav, we've got a new update. This one comes from an answer he provided on his MySpace Iron Man page. Here's what Fav had to say:

  • Two sets of writers are madly at work creating scenes and outlines. The story is fully plotted out, and now it's being fleshed out.
  • A primary villain has been selected, and Fav's excited about it.
  • A rough draft should be finished within the week, and visual sequences are already being laid out.
  • Marvel really doesn't want Fav telling us about this stuff, so he has to keep mum. But maybe, if we're good little children, they'll let him tell us a few things sometime in July.

Stay tuned to Cinematical for further updates as soon as information becomes available.
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