Because they thought it would be a cool thing to do with a movie about conjoined twin punk rockers, IFC has joined forces (oh, I slay me) with music television network Fuse (a corporate sibling under the Rainbow Media umbrella) to promote and distribute music mockumentary Brothers of the Head in the US. According to Variety, the film will be released next month, with substantial advertising support from Fuse. In addition to collaborating with IFC on the film's ad campaign, Fuse will also "dedicating 'substantial airtime' to content premieres, special promos and exclusive clips." (I was going to say "Wow, talk about a conflict of interests," but then I realized that MTV lives for this sort of thing, and we shouldn't expect anything less from Fuse.)

For those of you who missed Jette's SXSW review of the film back in March, it's a mockmentary with a somewhat serious tone (albeit with some laughs, particularly in its opening minutes), about conjoined twins who are transformed into the frontmen of a successful 1970s punk band; release is set for July 28.