The rapper and No Limit Records head Master P has entered the movie business with his new HollyHood Cinema label (distributed by Urban Works Entertainment), releasing his first title Repos on July 4th. The straight-to-video comedy stars Master P alongside Katt Williams, A.J. Johnson and Michael Blackson and is about a pair of repo men who accidentally repossess a truck containing a stash of diamonds that belong to a criminal kingpin.

Repos kicks off a proposed slate of 100 titles planned to hit stores by 2007, with each DVD including a free soundtrack CD. Master P says the reason his movies are bypassing theatrical release is because his audience doesn't like going to movie theaters. He also states that Repos and the rest will be a great spotlight on talent that is unfairly being unrecognized because of Hollywood politics. "I feel hands down that Katt Williams is the next Richard Pryor, A.J. Johnson is the next Bill Cosby and Michael Blackson is the next Sidney Poitier," he told He compares HollyHood's movies to Poitier's Uptown Saturday Night.

100 movies is a lot of output, even for straight-to-DVD, and I'm very interested to see the list of titles. Unfortunately I can't find any of them on the IMDb, not even Repos, and the Urban Works site seems to be under construction. On top of that, the Repos website is very short on info and its links don't work. For awhile I even thought the whole thing was a joke, but then I noticed that Amazon has the DVD for sale, so now I just figure the company and its productions are running on a super-low budget.