I suppose we should have seen it coming when Steve Martin'sThe Pink Panther managed to not turn into a disastrous box office bomb. Not that it was particularly successful, mind you, but it wasn't an abject failure -- and in Hollywood these days that means plenty of sequel potential! Rumor now has it Martin is actively interested in creating not one, but two (yes, two!) sequels to his vaguely passable comedic venture. It seems as though the writer/director torch will be passed on to Rawson Thurber, although I'm not sure if this should give me hope for the sequel or cause me to have serious doubts concerning Thurber's decision making abilities. I'd love to hope for a glorious return for Martin's career -- the man was a true genius at one time -- but I highly doubt this is the way he is going to re-ascend to any semblance of his former glory. I'd sell my left kneecap for a sequel to The Three Amigos, however. Guilty pleasure, thy name is Three Amigos
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