Star Wars has inspired more crazy fan acts than probably any other movie (or franchise) in all of cinema history. People have practically devoted their entire lives to the film. Rabid collectors have entire houses full of memorabilia, can recite the entire trilogy backwards, and recreate scenes from the film in action-figure glory with remarkable attention to detail. Yes, you read that right, although I bet it doesn't even surprise you a bit.

Over at the glorious media gluttony website that is YouTube, a dedicated fan has assembled a solid four minute clip entirely recreating the carbon freezing chamber sequence from Empire. It's cheesy, it's campy, and it is absolutely beautiful. The lighting is great, the ambiance is solid, and the recreation is lovingly crafted. Not only that, this particular clip includes one of my favorite dialog exchanges in the entire trilogy (isn't it odd how the dialog quality deteriorated between trilogies?) -- Leia declaring her love for Han and Han replying with "I know." Classic, even when done with plastic Hasbro and Kenner figures. According to the creator, this clip is only the beginning; a small preview of his master plan to recreate the entire film in action figure. Where would the world be without Star Wars addicts?

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