According to a frighteningly detailed report at Moviehole, it appears that Corey Haim and Corey Feldman have signed on to star in a new TV series that production company RDF USA will start pitching to networks tomorrow. Great news or sign of the apocalypse: You decide.

According to Moviehole, the show is aiming to be the latest installment in the "Look, We're Playing Cleverly Fictionalized Versions of Ourselves!" subgenre that has erupted over the past 12 months or so (yes, I blame Curb Your Enthusiasm for Fat Actress, The Comeback, and So noTORIous). The plot, such as it is, will feature Corey #1 (That's Feldman) living a solid, suburban life with his wife and kid. All hell breaks lose, however, when that Crazy Corey #2 (Haim, for those of you with the attention spans of goldfish) -- "single and the total opposite of Feldman" -- shows up and screws up his stable, predictable existence.

If this one works, networks should expect to be fielding pitches from Judd Nelson in just a matter of minutes.
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