In the new film The Lake House, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock play residents of the same house, but in different years, who are able to correspond via time-traveling letters. Although the premise is pretty fantastic, the first response I get from people is not about the time displacement, but about the fact that the characters still practice the old-fashioned art of letter writing rather than email. After all, The Shop Around the Corner was already updated for the digital age as You've Got Mail. Now we get this film about physical, tree-wasting post?

Well, it turns out Reeves and Bullock can relate pretty well to their characters. They have been pen-pals, with the pen being literal, since they starred together in Speedtwelve years ago. In fact Reeves doesn't even own a computer and avoids email as much as possible. This is Neo, for goodness sakes! Bullock defends him, though, saying that email is not as "special." She says, "I love keeping in contact with Keanu through letters because I can revisit our conversations whenever I like."

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