Last fall Disney unveiled a line of merchandise called Fairies, which follows the company's successful Princesses franchise. As part of the series of products and licensing deals, Disney will release straight-to-video animated films featuring Tinker Bell (since when is her name two words?), the tiny pixie duster from Peter Pan, and her fairy friends. As if J.M. Barrie isn't rolling around in his grave enough after the video sequel Return to Neverland or from the fact that Disney has created a clique of friends for Tink (unlike with the Princesses line, Disney doesn't already have a bunch of fairy characters to mine from), Disney is further ruining the playwright's iconic characters by having Tinker Bell speak. And providing her voice is Brittany Murphy.

Maybe some people are okay with a talking Tink, but if I'm not one of them. If I remember correctly, a lot of the plot points in Peter Pan have to do with her inability to communicate by any other means than pantomime. Maybe she just is so small that her voice doesn't  project to humans, and she can speak perfectly with other fairies, but it still ruins part of her character to hear her voice, especially if it is the same as Murphy's voice.  What next? Pooh loses weight? Donald buys pants? Oh, I know! Make another Bambi sequel that claims Bambi's mother wasn't actually killed by the hunters.


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